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http://www.ilcd.com.tw/en/contact.html iLCD-International Liquid Crystal Display CO.,LTD http://www.ilcd.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png 3F-6,No.260 Dashun 1st RD.,Zuoying Dist.,Kaohsiung City 813,Taiwan R.O.C $ 07-555-3069 A.Vision&Innovation    iLCD Kaohsiung was founded in Oct,2006.For over 18 years, iLCD has been a provider of Display Interface for the commercial, Industry, medical, gaming and hash environment markets. Our decades of experience supporting variety of application for those customers.ISO9001 certificated iLCD has more than 30 years in the Display industry with abundant technic & quality & Resource Big Data to serve our strategic customers around the world.    2012 iLCD Hsinchu RD Center established.iLCD started research business in 2012 for Active Matrix Type LED Display mini&microLED for Wearable Display,Near-Eyes Display,Photo-Engine Display etc. From there iLCD quickly expanded its business into wide variety of customer-design CTP Sensor, and TFT integrated application. We Joint-Development to the Active Matrix Type LED Display(mini&microLED)  research with Taiwan ITRI & EpiStar(2448) & Eink(8069)&GIO from 2012.   B.Quality Policy:>Quality priority No.1>Customer satisfication.>CIP(Continue Improve Plan).>Service Innovatio    C.iLCD 2020~2025 Mission&Task Force to our customersMisson:Displaying,Creating,Aspiring Your Dream!1.ODM TFT-LCD Module&CTP Touch Solution:   {HQ Kaohsiung:TFTLCD&CTP and Operation Center;     Hsichu RDC:mini&microLED display}>1-1)AM-OLED & AM-LED Display integrated design.>1-2)LED full color display integrated design(Fine pitch LED display&MicroLED).>1-3)Touch panel ODM.>1-4)TFT-LCD Module ODM.>1-5)TFT-LCD Module&Touchpanel OCA/OCR solution.>1-6)Module&Solution Joint Development. 2.Display industrial&SCM(Supply Chain Management) service:>2-1)Research、Product Design、Marketing、TechService、Transformaion、Add-Value consulting etc..>2-2)RD Team Tech-upgrade. 3.CSR and Beneficence(NPO):Establishment May,2011 Gina Institution for Health&Natrue of ESG.>20110501 Online:www.GHR-ido.url.twEstablishment September 2011 GCCA:Global Competitive Capability Academy of Eduction.> 20110901 Online:www.GHR-GCCA.com.tw  HQ in Kaohsiung City Taiwan:Address:3F-6,No.260 Dashun 1st RD.,Zuoying Dist.,Kaohsiung City 813,Taiwan R.O.CTel:+886-7-5553069Fax:+886-7-5551829RD Center in Hsinchu:Address:7F-2,No.229 Fuxing 2nd RD.,Zhubei City,Hsinchu County 302,Taiwan R.O.CTel:+886-3-6682868Fax:+886-36682858
http://www.ilcd.com.tw/en/ iLCD-International Liquid Crystal Display CO.,LTD
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